Teen Mom 2 stars’ net worth

'Teen Mom 2'

There has been plenty of speculation as to how much each of the girls of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 make and while nothing has been confirmed, their net worths have come to light. So, which one of you favorite young mommies are making, well saving, the most?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it is Leah who is at the top of the income bracket which isn’t surprising. Leah had previously told fans that her husband makes $16,000/month working as a pipe layer. That in addition to her Teen Mom 2 salary equals the big bucks.

The rest of the cast falls as you might expect: Chelsea Houska, followed by Kail Lowry, and then Jenelle Evans coming in last.

Chelsea comes from a great family who seem to be very well off. Her dad, a dentist, even supported her when she first had her daughter Aubree so that she could get on her feet. She is currently in beauty school and paying all of her own bills.

Kail has been working hard to support herself since having her son, Isaac, at a young age. While she had a relationship with her mother when she was younger, it was never a good one and Kail has since kicked her out of her life. She’s been estranged from her father since she was a young child.

Jenelle, on the other hand, has had her fair share of legal troubles and while she went to school for a short time, she has since taken a leave of absence. She has one stay at home job.

Here are the Teen Mom 2 girls’ net worths as calculated by CNW:

Leah Messer: $50,000

Chelsea Houska: $30,000

Kail Lowry: $25,000

Jenelle Evans: $10,000

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8 Responses to Teen Mom 2 stars’ net worth

  1. nblais06 says:

    Is this per episode or per season?

  2. realitylick says:

    This is their net worth, not their salary.

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  4. Shannon says:

    So is this what they get every show? What dob u mean net worth?

  5. realitylick says:

    Net worth mean what they currently have to their name.

  6. Please tell me you guys know what net worth is, right?? It is the total assets to their name, including income, vehicles, house etc.. MINUS the amount of their debts….

  7. Net worth = total assets minus total debts

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