‘Teen Mom 2′ season 5 coming soon?

Jenelle Evans of 'Teen Mom 2' with dark hair, professional photoThere have been several rumors floating around that the fourth season of Teen Mom 2 which will air sometime later this year will be the series’ last, but yesterday, MTV released a statement which explained that they have yet to make a decision on whether or not the series will be cancelled. And now, new details are arising about the possibilities of a fifth (and even sixth!) season.

MTV wrapped filming on the fourth season of Teen Mom 2, as well as the reunion and after shows, back in November of last year. So, if that were really going to be the last season, the girls wouldn’t be be filming anything at all which would means they would no longer be under contract and therefore they’d be free to talk about whatever they please. In other words, if there was a huge announcement in their life, say a marriage or pregnancy, they’d be able to reveal that information to the press.

However, there have been marriages and pregnancies and the girls haven’t been the ones to reveal them. For example, when Jenelle Evans and her husband Courtland Rogers got married, Courtland was the one who gave the information to Radar Online for the story, and the same went for their pregnancy. And when Leah Messer-Calvert’s pregnancy was revealed to Us Weekly, it was her husband Jeremy who officially announced the news.

Since all three of those announcements were made post-filming, it seems clear that these girls are still under contract with MTV. However, no one really seems to be filming at the moment, except for Leah who was thrown a super private baby shower over the weekend. Leah went above and beyond to be sure that no photos of the event were leaked online. So could this mean that filming on season 5 may have just begun? Why else wouldn’t Leah (or any of her friends and family) been allowed to post photos online?

And if all this isn’t quite enough for ya, rumor has it that the girls have actually be signed on to do six seasons of the series so there may be much more Teen Mom 2 on the way!

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7 Responses to ‘Teen Mom 2′ season 5 coming soon?

  1. kel says:

    thats to bad. Teen mom 2 needs to get taken off the air. They are promoting bad things for teen moms excpecially from Jenelle. All the teen moms are married they aernt teens anymore. MTV should get a new cast.

    • Kacie says:

      They did get a new cast. But these girls aren’t supposed to be role models. It’s a show for entertainment. Intelligent parents wouldn’t let their kids watch it. They’re not promoting anything. I LOVE watching Teen Mom 2, but I sure as heck wouldn’t my future kids watch shows like this (or much TV at all, for that matter; they should be outside playing and being kids.)

      It all comes down to taking responsibility for your own decisions and keeping an eye on your kids. It’s not about what they are “promoting”. It’s a TV show. Not a model by which to live your life.

  2. Kelly H says:

    “Why else wouldn’t Leah (or any of her friends and family) been allowed to post photos online?” Couldn’t it just be that her baby shower is maybe going to be an MTV special so that is why she didn’t want photos leaked or maybe she made a deal with a magazine to get first dibs on releasing her baby shower photos??

  3. Shannon says:

    I really do love watching Leah abd her daughter’s. I want to see her baby for 5 season. I want
    to Jenelli to get Jace back in her lile. I want her to find a new boyfriend that be nice. I do not
    want this show Canle at all. I would like to Chelsea sister to. I would be so upset if if this show
    is Canle. Please leave it on please. I love watching these girl’s a lot. I really do want to see
    Leah new baby daughter. And her two little girl I like to see how they do with a new babysitter.
    I would like to Chelsea to get married. and have another baby to. And when will the news
    show on teen two mom’s be back on again? Please mtv do not take this show away from
    me please. Please keep them on for their 5 reaon. And I want to know soon when
    will teen two mom. I sure do want to see Leah new baby please.
    Thank-you. 5-7-13.

  4. Shannon says:

    I want to see Leah new baby daughter. I do not want mtv to take this show off the air I’ll be 5-7-13
    very upset. I love seeing Leah, Celsea, Jenelli. Plus I want to see Jenelli get Jace back
    in her life. I want an E-mail letting me know when 5 season come’s back on.

  5. tonya says:

    whoo bring on more teen mom absolutely love the girls i adore leah i want to see more!!! this show is what i look forward to every week!!! bring me more :) these girls are not setting bad examples as it is all things everyone goes through in life and if a baby i brought into this world well these girls are doing a great job caring for their children i believe jenell will get jace back and will get better there is hope for everyone out there i believe in her! lets go teen mom 2 :)

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