Mike Shouhed tells all on his relationship with girlfriend Jessica Parido

mike-jessica-shahsThe Shahs Of Sunset‘s explosive second season may be ending next week, but it’s just the start for star Mike Shouhed and his relationship with girlfriend Jessica Parido.

“The relationship is going really well,” Mike tells Celebuzz as he sits down to dish the dirt on their love, continuing ” it’s evolving, and I’m really excited about it.” Mike, who is set to pose for Playgirl’s 40th anniversary issue, says his family can be “difficult” and “like a panel” when he introduced them to Jessica on a recent episode of the show, nervous as to whether they would accept her or not.

“My mom just kept grilling her and grilling her and grilling her,” Mike reveals of the uncomfortable Shabbat dinner that played out on the show, adding that he wouldn’t just take anyone home to meet the parents and that “Jessica has to be pretty special for me to have done that.” Aww!

Despite his reservations  particuarly regarding their religious differences, (Jessica is Italian Catholic while Mike and his family are Persian Jewish), Mike is happy to report that the relationship is “evolving” and things are good between his mother and Jessica, they even swap recipes!

Could season three of the Ryan Seacrest-produced hit show see an engagement or marriage on the horizon? We’ll just have to watch what happens!

Shah’s Of Sunset’s season finale airs next Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photo source: Jessica Parido’s Twitter

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