Are Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley one step closer to marriage and babies?

gretchen-slade-marriage-kidsGretchen Rossi set tongues wagging when she decided to hook up with Housewife hunter Slade Smiley, whom had already dated Jo De La Rosa and Lauri Waring on The Real Housewives Of Orange County. Many people questioned whether the relationship was just for the show and how long the couple would even last, but four years later they are still together – could marriage, or even a baby, be around the corner?

“We definitely know that we want to be married,” Gretchen reveals to OK! Magazine. “When we don’t know. We really love each other and we really are happy together. We already feel like we’re married.”

“I think we work so well together because we are the male and female version of each other,” Gretchen, who has been married previously, continues. Of course as with any relationship, it can be tough at times. “I think there are times we can’t get enough of each other and we just want to be together all day long and then where are other times life is hard,” she explains, “sex is a great part of our relationship, but it’s not what makes our relationship.”

The couple have faced a tough time lately, with Slade’s son Grayson fighting a brain tumor as well as the radio station he worked at Playlist 92.7 being sold and the staff being fired, all while filming for the hit reality show, but one thing is for sure throughout – the pair are still smitten with one another. “This is the happiest we’ve been in the four years since we’ve had a relationship,” Gretchen continues, “everyday we find some more that we love about each other and it’s just a really blissful relationship.” So sweet!

Though Gretchen is keeping mum on if they are currently trying for a baby, she has expressed her dream to become a mother many times throughout the years, and with the confirmation that Slade has reversed the vasectomy he underwent a few years ago, they could be one step closer to starting the family they both want.

Despite some RHOC viewers being dubious at first, many would love to see Gretchen and Slade settle down, and with BFF Tamra Barney’s upcoming nuptials set to be aired on the eighth season of the hit reality show, perhaps a ninth season would revolve around Gretchen planning her big day? We hope so!

Photo credit: Gretchen Rossi’s Twitter

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